He always knows just what to do…

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He approaches from behind, slipping a blindfold over her eyes.

She smiles. She knows it is him. She knows it from his smell; his aftershave barely covering his own musky scent, and his touch; the rough callous on his index finger that brushes across her forehead as he settles the blindfold in place.

He moves to stand in front of her, undressing her; slow with the buttons, gently sliding the zipper of her skirt before letting it drop to the floor. He reaches around to remove her bra and she feels the stubble on his chin brush against her shoulder as he fumbles with the clasp. It tickles, sending a shiver down her spine to add to the growing heat between her legs.

His hands are warm on her waist. He rolls her pantyhose down her legs, helping her to sit on the edge of the lounge as he lifts first one foot and then the other to remove them completely.

He knows what she likes. First come the caresses, the gentle touches all over her body; down her arms, across her back, down her legs. He massages her feet as she sinks back into the leather, all the stresses of the day fading at his magic touch.

She loves the surprise of it all; the unexpected visits during his workday when he knows she has the day off, the toys he sometimes uses, the blindfold — a new addition for today.

She feels the soft touch of a rose stroking her breasts, her abdomen, her mound. She is moist with anticipation, knowing what is coming but not knowing when, and when his tongue laps between her legs she gasps, her hips rising involuntarily, her hands reaching out so she can bury her fingers in his hair.

He knows how much attention to give to her clit, before moving further away to thrust deep with his tongue. He knows how to bring her to climax and he does it so well, leaving her a moaning, shuddering mess before he eases his thick erection into her pussy.

She loves how it fills her, stretching her — just a little, not too much. She loves how he moves; his hands on her hips, rocking backwards and forward to stimulate her g-spot, to build her to climax again before his thrusts increase in speed and depth as he builds up to his own satisfaction. She loves the groans of pleasure he makes as she reaches down to grasp his butt, pulling him deeper. She loves feeling the shudder pass through his body as he cums.

She pulls off the blindfold, taking in the view; his cock still buried deep in her body, the toned muscles of his stomach and chest, the bulk of his biceps. But it is his face which captures her, as it always does: the stubble covering his chin and upper lip; the hair just long enough to flop down over his face; those brilliant, brilliant blue eyes.

She reaches up to grasp his neck and pull his face close to hers, to kiss his soft lips, to murmur:

“You always, always, know what I like.”

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