Morning sex is the best kind…

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I awoke in the dark, a hint of light at the window the only sign dawn was not too far away. I turned to you, and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom I saw you, your head resting on one arm, the blankets pushed down to your waist to reveal your toned chest.

Watching you sleep, I felt a rush of love and affection, a sense of awe at my luck of meeting you, knowing you; even after all this time.

I couldn’t help myself; I kissed you, just below your jaw line. Soft delicate kisses so as not to wake you, not yet. I continued with a trail of kisses down your neck, and across your chest, making a line down the centre of your abdomen. You stirred, ever so slightly, scratching your nose with the back of your hand before falling back into sleep and I smiled at the familiar gesture. When I reached your cock it was already beginning to pulse. I gave it a quick peck before moving to lay a circle of kisses around your groin, tickling the inside of your thigh with my tongue.

You mumbled something again, and shifted slightly and I knew it wouldn’t be long till you were properly awake. Now I returned to your throbbing cock, my tongue gently lapping at the head, licking your tiny slit before circling the head with my tongue. I took you in my mouth, gently sucking as I moved my head up and down your shaft.

You groaned in pleasure and opened your eyes, just as I opened my throat to take you all in. I continued sucking, speeding up my movements until at last you moaned in pleasure and your essence coated my tongue. I swallowed, sucking up every last drop before returning my trail of kisses up your body to your lips, which greeted me with a smile and a kiss in return.

“Good morning, my love,” I said.

“Every morning is good with you in it,” you replied, your eyes smiling into mine.

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