Together Again

Eva’s man is away in the big city, catching up with family. But what if he decides to stay?

Heather Kinnane
2 min readMay 21, 2022


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Eva glanced at the clock. 10pm. Finally.

‘Last drinks!’ she called, ringing the bell.

As the patrons filed out the door, Clive came up to her.

‘You all right, love?’

She forced a smile, focusing all her attention on wiping down the bar so he wouldn’t see the tears in the corners of her eyes. ‘Of course.’

He reached out to pat the back of her hand. ‘He’ll be back soon, you know that?’

Eva swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded, but she couldn’t look Clive in the eye.

She locked up after him, before turning her attention to wiping down the tables and sweeping the floor, going through the motions that kept the pub spick and span, and up and running.

She knew Levi loved her. There were no doubts about that. But what she couldn’t shake were the fears that he would get caught up in the wonders of London and the joy found in time spent with the the family and friends he held dear — and wouldn’t come home again.

And if he didn’t? If his happiness was there, rather than here?

How could she possibly hold that against him? How could she demand he return to a half-life in some tiny nowhere village, with her?

She just wished she didn’t feel his absence so strongly.

The door rattled, and she scowled.

She hoped it was someone who’d left something behind, and not one of the several inebriated individuals hopeful for another pint.

‘Hello!’ The man’s voice carried through the door, and Eva’s heart leapt.

Could it be?

She opened the door and there he was, already enveloping her in the tightest hug.

‘You’re back!’ Tears streamed down her face as she stretched up to press her lips against his.

‘Of course I am.’ He squeezed her tighter, his gaze holding hers. ‘As if I could stay away.’

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