Olivia has always wanted to try a threesome, and now she has a chance.

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Dinner had been eaten, wine drunk, dessert devoured.

The conversation had been friendly and flirty, as Olivia attempted to get to know Mason and Connor. She always believed in fitting as many experiences into her life as she possibly could, and seizing opportunities as they arose, in case they never arose again. Mason and Connor were two men she’d picked up online, mates who were keen for a fuck and didn’t mind sharing.

The men were hot and their conversation made Olivia feel safe, as well as sexy, and in no time they were back at her house, clothes removed, blankets dumped on the floor as they got hot and sweaty in her bed.

Mason massaged her breasts, his pressure soft and firm in turns as he circled and squeezed her nipples, the movement sending tickling tendrils creeping across her skin. Coupled with Connor teasing her clit with his tongue, the effect was electric, pleasure zapping through her body, waking her nerves faster than she’d ever been woken before.

When she rolled over to suck on Mason’s enormous erection, Connor slid his cock into her from behind, continuing to massage her clit with his fingers as he pounded into her pussy, and Olivia bobbed up and down on Mason’s dick, Mason’s fingers running through her hair.

Each took their turn — giving head, receiving it, kissing breasts and chests — any and every patch of naked skin, of which there was plenty. Connor slid his slightly smaller cock into Olivia’s ass, and Mason took his turn to fill her pussy, as Olivia gasped their names, clinging to Mason as the men pounded her.

Fresh condoms, helped both men get their cocks deep in her cunt, stretching her in ways she’d never been stretched before.

Olivia came so many times that night. Her orgasms drenched the sheets. The men recharged quickly, as one then the other reached climax, their seed spurting down her throat, over her stomach, her back, her breasts.

They slept in a tangle of limbs, and agreed that next time they’d add toys to the mix.

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