Katie’s libido has been non-existent for years… until she finds her husband’s porn collection.

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Katie giggled at the images on the screen: well-muscled men with massive cocks pounding the flesh of thin, young women. Katie found the poor acting and non-existent plot amusing, so she was surprised to find herself aroused by what she saw. This was the first time she’d looked through Chad’s adult collection. Unlike her friends, Katie didn’t begrudge her husband his porn. To say her libido had dropped after her children were born was an understatement. Chad had given up asking a long time ago; he needed an outlet.

She watched as the girls pleasured themselves with dildos before the men joined in, cocks ready to be sucked and fucked. Katie thought of the vibrator she and Chad bought years before in an attempt to spice up their sex life. She hadn’t been comfortable with it at the time, but now she found herself rummaging through the drawers to find it.

Fresh batteries brought the tired toy to life, and Katie moved to the next file in Chad’s collection, removing her underpants from beneath her skirt and spreading her legs for better access.

“Ooh!” Katie moaned as a jolt of pleasure raced up her spine. She angled the vibrator slightly for better effect. The orgasm was instant, sending forgotten thrills to every part of her body. On an impulse she sent Chad a text. “Come home, now!”

The phone rang immediately. “What’s happened?”

“I need you.” The choked up sound that came from Katie’s throat was no act, though she was sure Chad thought it was tears.

“Give me ten minutes.”

Just enough time. She wondered where best to surprise him, the bed? Too boring. If she was going to excite him may as well do it properly. The lounge? Perfect.

By the time Katie had changed into her sexiest, worn-only-once lingerie and spread herself on the couch, Chad was home.

“Honey, where are you? Oh!” The shock stopped him at the door.

“I found your porn,” Katie said, suddenly embarrassed. “It kinda turned me on…” she began to sit up, feeling silly.

“No, don’t move, please.” He stepped into the room. “It was unexpected –seeing you this way… my god you’re sexy.” His voice was husky now as he knelt by her. “You’re sure?”

She nodded. It had been years since she’d seen such desire in his eyes.

He leaned in to kiss her, and as he did she parted her lips, seeking out his tongue with her own. He groaned as she fought with the zip on his trousers.

“You’ve got no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.” He moved to nibble her neck, the way she’d once loved. She took his hand, placing it on a breast before returning to her task of releasing his cock. It sprang free and Katie moved to take it in her mouth. She glanced up as she began to suck him, her pleasure increasing as she saw his enjoyment. He started thrusting his hips — gently at first, but when Katie relaxed her throat he increased his pace. She took what she could but when she gagged he pulled away.

“Sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be. That was amazing. Your turn.” He pushed her back onto the couch, removing her panties to gain full access to her slit.

“Wet already!”

“I did have a play,” she admitted, indicating the vibrator.

He grinned and picked it up, using it to tickle her clit before plunging it deep into her cunt.

“Ooh.” She groaned, arching her back.

He continued for a moment before discarding it. “That’s fun, but not as fun as this.” He lowered his mouth to her clit, his tongue teasing and tickling as he watched the effect on her body. Soon she found her hips thrusting, wanting more.

“Oh my god. Chad! Fuck me. Please!” She moaned.

“With pleasure.” He stood, sliding his cock into her welcoming pussy. They moved together, her moans drowning out his as they reached climax, and he collapsed on top of her, both out of breath.

“I’d forgotten how good that feels,” Katie said.

“Me too,” Chad said. “Glad you got the urge again.”

Katie laughed. “Same.”

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*This story was first published in The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette

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