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When he came, he withdrew. She gloried every time in the warm, sticky cum that spurted over her abdomen and breasts. But for all the joy it gave her, there was sorrow too. She longed to be filled with his seed. To feel the warmth of his essence mingle with her own.

He was more sensible, and when not in the throes of lovemaking she appreciated that, the fear of an unplanned pregnancy weighing on her mind.

She wasn’t sure what she feared most — the inevitable change a baby would bring to their relationship; or the change in herself, necessary for the complete and total dependence of another human being. Their relationship was one of spontaneity and independence, not order and routine. Would a baby tear them apart? Or would the change bring them closer together?

Though she feared the unknown; in those moments when her own hormones were raging and her body still high from the orgasms, she wished for him to lose his head and fill her, and damn the consequences.

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