Steamy | Ghost | Short Story

A Halloween Trick turns into a Treat

Turns out the abandoned building outside of town isn’t as abandoned as everyone first thought…

Heather Kinnane
8 min readOct 25, 2023


It’s colder inside the building than it is outside. A breeze whistles through the gaps in the shutters, tickling the back of Farrah’s neck.

She shivers.

The door creaks behind her, and she spins, heart racing.

There’s no one there. Why would there be? Who else would be mad enough to enter an abandoned old house on Halloween, just for a dare?

She takes a deep breath and continues up the stairs. They creak with every step. The whole house shudders, as though it might collapse from the weight of the wind. She wishes her work mates would accept a selfie at the door as proof of her bravery— but no — they want to see the ornate fireplace in the former master bedroom.

The furthest room in the house.

At the top of the stairs Farrah turns, jumping as a shadow crosses the hall ahead of her.

Just a cloud crossing the moon.

She pushes on, keen to get this over with.

Inside the master bedroom it’s bright, the full moon reflected in a large mirror on one wall, spotlighting the very place she needs to stand for her selfie.


She takes a few shots, ignoring the prickles on the back of her neck.

There’s no one else here.

But when she lowers her phone, there he is.

She shrieks.

He steps back, hands raised in surrender.

‘I won’t hurt you.’

His voice is deep, and somehow soothing. She stops shrieking.

‘I didn’t mean to scare you,’ he continues. ‘Just wondered what you are doing in my bedroom?’

‘Your bedroom?’ She shakes her head. ‘This place has been abandoned for decades.’

He raises a brow. ‘That’s the assumption you all like to make.’

‘But…’ She looks around. Now she’s not so focused on the fireplace she sees the…



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