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Author of Short and Sexy Romance and Erotica

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I’m weird.

There’s no doubt about it.

How else do you explain the story about the rescued black cat who brought men from the past to be lovers for the single human woman who rescued her? Or the young couple sneaking off to have sex in an abandoned mansion and being joined by a ghost? Or the Duke and his maidservant who fall in love while hunting for leprachauns?

I don’t even know where these ideas come from half the time.

I sit down, I type. Words flow, or they don’t — coming in fits and starts instead as the…


I’ve ignored my gut feeling for far too long, now it’s time to see if it’s right.

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I’m lost.

I’ve been round this block I don’t know how many times trying to find this damned place, but no matter what the GPS says, it’s not here.

I thought this was our chance. You and me, all those gazes and glances and all that god-damned longing, and now we were going to try things out to see if they worked, if we worked, but the place you said was here isn’t, and I don’t know what has left me more heartbroken, the fact you sounded so excited about this on the phone and it’s not real, or the…

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A fox-shifter gets her man.

‘I saw a fox last night.’ Oscar sipped his coffee.

‘Oh?’ Mina continued wiping down the bench as though she didn’t know anything about it.

‘I got up for a glass of water in the middle of the night, and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I opened the curtains to look at the stars and there it was.’ He pointed towards the middle of the yard. ‘Just sitting there. Staring at me.’

‘Staring?’ Well, he wasn’t wrong. Though what Mina had really been trying to do was communicate with him telepathically. It was a shame humans suppressed that skill…

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It doesn’t bother him if I don’t shape my eyebrows, or wax under my arms, or trim my bikini line.

He’s not keen on those tiny black hairs appearing on my chin — they prickle his chest when we snuggle — but he wouldn’t complain if I never wore make-up again. (Actually, he’d prefer it if I never wore make-up again, which is brilliant, because I prefer that, too).

But my husband is also keen for me to find other lovers. …


Heather Kinnane’s Steamy News

Firstly, apologies! I haven’t been as present this month as usual due mostly to paid work (writing-related work that I’m absolutely loving — so Yay!) and various family commitments.

I’ve got a couple of stories I’m working on at the moment, and I’m hoping have at least one more out before the end of the month.

As you’ve probably seen by now Medium has given people the option of creating lists — I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with a list of my favourite stories from Medium (which I’ve recently updated it, because I realised I left off the series ‘Belle…


Siobhan can’t stop thinking about the guy she just met. Is it possible he thinks about her, too?

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His hands were warm on her waist, sending a tingle across her skin. She held his gaze, her heart jolting at the affection clear in his eyes.

‘You’re beautiful,’ he whispered, as he leaned in close and —

‘No.’ Siobhan shook her head, pulling her attention back to the work at hand. She had to stop thinking about him. Not only would she never get anything done if she allowed herself to daydream, with every fantasy her feelings grew stronger, and she still had no idea if he ever even spared her a thought.

She dipped the brush into the…


Mina is looking for a man.

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The fox ran through the men’s camp, nose twitching.

Someone here smelt good, and she was keen to find him.

She avoided the men sitting around the campfire, several beers in, reeking of alcohol and sweat.

Her nose led her past the men drinking tea in the kitchen area, and the bathroom, where they brushed their teeth, and beyond the tents where several were already sleeping.

She followed the scent along a rough trail, her nose to the ground.

This camp had been used every year for decades, and she’d never known a man to wander so far from camp…


Soraya’s been waiting for her next lover to appear… and here he is.

Soraya felt his gaze on her from across the crowded market.

She paused at a stall, picked up something from the table and pretended to examine it.

Could it be him? Could it be here?

Her psychic had suggested that her next lover would appear within three days of the full moon. Today was day four, but hey, they couldn’t get it exactly right every time.

She turned, casually she hoped, and let her gaze slip over the crowd.

He was staring, though when her gaze met his his eyes widened, and he glanced away.


She ran a hand…


The mud on her skin had dried, cracks spreading across the spirals painted on her body.

The smoke of fire and incense now faded, she slid off the stag she had ridden through the ceremony, the whorls on his fur crumbling to dust.

She’d feared him, at first. A whole head taller than she, his antlers branching out above his head beyond that, she’d felt certain she’d end up impaled on one of his tines before he’d ever let her ride him.

But he’d been calm, giving soft snorts as she approached, holding out her hand for him to sniff…

Husband and Wife

There’s something about the familiarity of long term lovers

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There’s desire in his gaze, a need so great it makes my heart leap in my chest.

How am I so lucky to have this? Still, after so many years together, he still wants me just as much as I want him.

His hand trails my thigh, sliding between my legs to rub my cleft through my pants.

I spread them a little, shifting slightly to give him better access as I run my thumb over the bristles on his chin.

His lips part and I lean forward, our noses brushing before my lips press against his. They’re so soft…

Heather Kinnane

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