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Trudy’s new step-brothers always make sure she has a good time.

Trudy rang the doorbell and took a deep breath, huffing it out as though she could blow away the nerves bubbling in her chest.

She’d been looking forward to this reunion for months.

Once she attended family functions only when absolutely necessary, using the excuse of distance to avoid the inevitably uncomfortable gatherings.

Though her mother meant well, she was always overbearing, and the string of husbands she’d had were at best patronising, at worst down-right narcissistic.

Until this one.

Max treated Trudy’s mother exactly how Trudy felt a woman should be treated, and he’d passed that trait onto his…


Danica helps her widowed neighbour fulfill his sexual needs.

*AUTHORS NOTE: This didn’t turn out quite as I expected when I sat down to write. There’s sex, as there always is in my stories, but there’s a lot of story before you get to the sex. Do you like it? Or would you prefer less story and more sex?

Danica watched as Colson lugged his kid’s paraphenalia from the car to the house. Loaded with a pram, nappy bag, and assorted kids toys and clothes and books, and trying to usher the children ahead of him to the house, he looked like he was at breaking point.

Danica didn’t…


Brielle can only see her lover once a year, she tries to make the most of it.

The woods were bright and airy at this time of day, the new buds on the trees only just beginning to unravel. In a few weeks these same trees would be covered with leaves, the canopy blocking out the burning Summer sun.

But now in early Spring the air was still cool, and Brielle appreciated the warmth of the sun on her face.

She left the path, following the landmarks to her own little sanctuary, a mossy clearing surrounding a small spring. …

His cock was huge, and stretched her in ways she’d never been stretched before. He knew how to use his tongue, his fingers, his lips. He was everything she wanted in a man, as he should be. She had wished him into existence, after all. Maybe deliberately, by following a spell or reciting a charm, maybe accidentally, simply by making a wish in a desperate moment.

Magic was the best way to summon a lover, after all…

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The last thing Tally expected was to be rewarded for her hard work… let alone rewarded like this.

When Tally arrived at work to find someone else sitting at her desk, she thought something had gone terribly wrong.

“Can I help you?” The young woman asked.

“That’s my desk.”

“The young woman beamed. “You must be Tally! It’s so nice to meet you. Now, there’s nothing to worry about, I’m just your fill in for the day.”

“My fill in?” Tally’s chest constricted.

“Yep. Mr Glover asked me to give you these,” the woman handed Tally a bunch of daisies, a box of chocolates, and an envelope. “And to ask you to wait in his office. …


Who knew sex with the supernatural could be so damned hot?

Ally was in heaven.

It was the first time she’d been with a Supernatural Call Creature. She’d had doubts about it, then consented to the session only because her best friend assured her she’d never experience anything like it anywhere else, and had paid for the evening.

Supernatural Call Creatures were damned expensive, but Ally was beginning to see why.

Zoro had two heads. One kissed her lips while the other nuzzled into her neck, his hands moulding her breasts.

He was a mind-reader, the pressure of his fingers harder and softer as her body required, almost before she was…

An unexpected reunion leads to the fulfilling of old fantasies

Arlo was gorgeous.

Luna had always thought so. And it wasn’t just his physical appearance; his slim build, blue eyes or roguish smile. It was the way he treated other people, like everyone around him was special, important, irreplaceable.

Once, Luna had dreamt of marrying Arlo. Once, she’d fantasised about his lips pressing against hers, his cock penetrating her cunt.

That was before she’d moved away, found someone else, married.

Now she’d flown interstate for a work conference, and found herself at a bar with him.

She brought him a drink.

She shouldn’t have, the spark between them had been…

kissing couple
kissing couple

Short Story, Erotica

Bethany makes a wish for her perfect man, but she doesn’t expect it to actually come true

There it was, the hill with the white horse. The tall grass swished against her skirt as she strode up the slight incline, following along the back of the horse until she got to its head. It felt wrong walking across its face, and even worse to stand on its eye, but Bethany was desperate.

She closed her eyes, made her wish, and shuffled around on the spot, once, twice, three times.

She waited.

The breeze picked up, pulling a few hairs free from her bun to tickle the back of her neck but she couldn’t hear anything.

She opened…


May’s husband knows his wife’s deepest fantasy, and this year, he’s made it come true.

“Happy Birthday,” Xander whispered as he led May through the door of their hotel room.

As her eyes adjusted to the low light she gasped.

Two shirtless men lay sprawled along either side of an enormous king sized bed, the blanket laying across their hips, strongly suggesting they weren’t wearing anything beneath.

May’s heart rate increased, and she glanced at her husband.

“For me?”

He nodded, desire burning in his gaze. “For you.”

“And is this just some sort of erotic massage, or…?” May left the question hanging. She needed to hear the words from Xander’s lips.

“They are here…


Doris has always wanted to try out being human. She never expected it would be so much fun.

His cock was thick, but she was wet enough that he slid inside her, stretching her in ways her slim vibrator could never manage.

“Oh my God, Mr Haught!”

“Oh, yes!” His voice was deep and husky, his hands gripping her hips as he pounded her, each thrust pushing him deeper and deeper. “Call me that again.”

“Mr Haught?”

“Fuck. That turns me on so bad.”

She grinned. That’s exactly what she’d been hoping for. “Your dick feels so good.” She moaned, her fingers on her clit. “Fill me, Mr Haught. Fuck me good. Make me cum.”

“You’ll come all…

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