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I’ve ignored my gut feeling for far too long, now it’s time to see if it’s right.

Photo by Flávia Gava on Unsplash

I’m lost.

I’ve been round this block I don’t know how many times trying to find this damned place, but no matter what the GPS says, it’s not here.

I thought this was our chance. You and me, all those gazes and glances and all that god-damned longing, and now…


Siobhan can’t stop thinking about the guy she just met. Is it possible he thinks about her, too?

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

His hands were warm on her waist, sending a tingle across her skin. She held his gaze, her heart jolting at the affection clear in his eyes.

‘You’re beautiful,’ he whispered, as he leaned in close and —

‘No.’ Siobhan shook her head, pulling her attention back to the work…

Heather Kinnane

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