Jack has longed to see his wife with another woman, and truth be told, she wants it too.

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The doorbell rang, and Stella glanced at the clock; 2 pm, she had a few hours yet. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, though it did little to quell the rising nerves. She was about to do something she’d never believed she would, and now excitement mixed with terror. What if she hated it?

Jack was talking to someone down the hall, Stella could hear their voices getting louder as they approached. She frowned. …

Morning sex is the best kind…

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I awoke in the dark, a hint of light at the window the only sign dawn was not too far away. I turned to you, and as my eyes adjusted to the gloom I saw you, your head resting on one arm, the blankets pushed down to your waist to reveal your toned chest.

Watching you sleep, I felt a rush of love and affection, a sense of awe at my luck of meeting you, knowing you; even after all this time.

I couldn’t help myself; I kissed you, just below your jaw line. Soft delicate kisses so as not to wake you, not yet. I continued with a trail of kisses down your neck, and across your chest, making a line down the centre of your abdomen. You stirred, ever so slightly, scratching your nose with the back of your hand before falling back into sleep and I smiled at the familiar gesture. When I reached your cock it was already beginning to pulse. I gave it a quick peck before moving to lay a circle of kisses around your groin, tickling the inside of your thigh with my tongue. …

He always knows just what to do…

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He approaches from behind, slipping a blindfold over her eyes.

She smiles. She knows it is him. She knows it from his smell; his aftershave barely covering his own musky scent, and his touch; the rough callous on his index finger that brushes across her forehead as he settles the blindfold in place.

He moves to stand in front of her, undressing her; slow with the buttons, gently sliding the zipper of her skirt before letting it drop to the floor. He reaches around to remove her bra and she feels the stubble on his chin brush against her shoulder as he fumbles with the clasp. …

A fantasy whispered over a long flight can only lead to one thing…

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“…the seatbelt sign has now been switched off; you are free to walk around the cabin…”

“You know what I’d like to do right now?” she whispered directly into his ear, her soft husky voice distracting him from the Captain’s message.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I’d like to unzip your fly, slide my hand inside your pants and have a play.”

“Would you now?”


“Damn shame the plane’s full then isn’t it.” He glanced at the passengers around them, but everyone was involved in their own conversations, there was no way they would hear her. …

Who said pregnancy meant a drop in libido? For Bronte it’s the opposite!

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Bronte admired her figure in the bathroom’s full length mirror. The maternity lingerie supported her full breasts, already producing the colostrum ready for her baby’s imminent arrival into the world. The underwear wrapped around her buttocks and lower tummy comfortably. The set made Bronte feel even more the amazing goddess than she had felt already. The first few months had been difficult as morning sickness and constant fatigue wracked her body, making anything other than sleeping difficult; but since the beginning of that magical second trimester Bronte had felt an energy and glow about herself, a sense of awe at the amazing ability of her body to create life. …

Katie’s libido has been non-existent for years… until she finds her husband’s porn collection.

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Katie giggled at the images on the screen: well-muscled men with massive cocks pounding the flesh of thin, young women. Katie found the poor acting and non-existent plot amusing, so she was surprised to find herself aroused by what she saw. This was the first time she’d looked through Chad’s adult collection. Unlike her friends, Katie didn’t begrudge her husband his porn. To say her libido had dropped after her children were born was an understatement. …

Getting hot in the tub…

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The water was warm around Sasha’s body. She sighed, inhaling the rose scented steam escaping from the bubbles.

She listened for the crunch of tyres on gravel, a key turned in a lock, familiar footsteps across the floorboards. He was late… or perhaps she was early. She shrugged. …

Lockdown has everyone’s temperature running high…

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Sandra stopped typing as Joshua’s voice rose in the next room.

“That is an unacceptable outcome. We need to do more to ensure the continuation of this business, and your half-assed attitude is not helping matters.”

Wow. He’d broken out of his professional conflict resolution skills and fallen into this.

It was the first time Sandra had heard her husband lose his temper the entire two weeks he’d been working from home.

Surprised it hasn’t happened earlier. Being cooped up in the same four walls day in day out wasn’t fun. They couldn’t even leave the apartment, even with the proviso for exercise there were too many people about, and with Sandra’s asthma she didn’t want to risk it. …

Is your high school reunion really the place to reconnect with a former lover? Tamsin hopes so.

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The hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I know he’s entered the room. It takes every ounce of willpower to continue to nod and smile in a conversation I’ve suddenly lost track of.

“It took a lot of years but I did it. CEO. It’s official next Tuesday.” Her self-assured grin grates, and I want to ask if it really was hard work, or just her parent’s connections.

I never got on with any of these people at school, and I really don’t give a damn about what they’ve been up to since, but somehow since walking into this reunion I’ve regressed into the pushover I used to be. …

When the kids are away, the parents will play…

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“Honey, I’m home.”

Angie walked through the empty house and out to the shed. Sure enough, Patrick was there, the sound of his bench saw carrying across the yard.

The door creaked when she opened it, and she waited till he stopped the saw before approaching.

“You were gone a while.” His lips met hers in the briefest of kisses.

“Got talking to Nikki, you know, Sam’s mum.” She let her hands rest on his hips.

“Where are the kids?”

“They were desperate for a play, so they’ve gone to Sam’s for the afternoon. Nikki’ll drop them home later.” She slid her hands around his back to cup his backside, giving it a squeeze as she raised an eyebrow. …


Heather Kinnane

Author of steamy romance. Bookworm, chocoholic, lover of all things Halloween. www.heatherkinnane.com

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