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Author of steamy romance and erotic shorts. Check out my books at

Author of Short and Sexy Romance and Erotica

I’m weird.

There’s no doubt about it.

How else do you explain the story about the rescued black cat who brought men from the past to be lovers for the single human woman who rescued her? Or the young couple sneaking off to have sex in an abandoned mansion and being joined by a ghost? Or the Duke and his maidservant who fall in love while hunting for leprachauns?

I don’t even know where these ideas come from half the time.

I sit down, I type. Words flow, or they don’t — coming in fits and starts instead as the…

She’s had a crush on him since forever… today she acts on it.

The meeting started just any other. He made coffee as she spread her books out across the table. They sat together, her at the head of the table, he on one side, close enough that elbows and knees bumped and her hands accidentally-on-purpose brushed his.

She never once imagined he felt for her as she felt for him.

She went over her understanding of the text, he explained his.

Together they built a thesis, piece by painstaking piece, her assumptions challenged by his greater knowledge, his ideas challenged by her fresh perspective.

She didn’t know what made her lean in…

Suzanne’s new colleague is hot, and she’s determined to have him first.

Suzanne felt light as a feather as she strode through the doors to her office building.

The place had a slight musty smell to it, which made sense after being empty for so long, but that couldn’t quell Suzanne’s enthusiasm for being back at work, after so long working from home.

She sat down at her desk, and opened her laptop, pulling out her diary and paper calendar, and the small potted plant she liked to personalise her space with. It still looked empty, but that was okay. …

Man and woman embrace
Man and woman embrace

Behind closed doors they kissed, tearing at each other’s clothes to get to skin and flesh.

Dana recognised Aspen the moment she laid eyes on him.

Her lover, her soul mate, her twin flame.

She held her breath, knew he felt her gaze when he glanced around the room.

Their eyes met.

His pupils widened.

“Excuse me.” He spoke to his companion and stood, crossing to her table. “May I?”

She nodded, her heart pounding.

He held out his hand and she took it, his touch sparking a million memories, lifetime after lifetime in each others arms.

“I thought I’d never find you.” …

Written for a Vocal Prompt

I’ve sat here for a while, pondering this prompt.

Write a story telling us about that one time you just didn’t fit in.

That one time…

I don’t think I can manage that.

I can tell you about the one time there was conflict, and I was able to articulate my side of the story, so that the person understood, and we both left the conversation feeling better.

I can tell you about the one time I met an acquaintance in the street, and we spoke briefly and continued on our way, and I felt good about that because I…

It’s both a blessing, and a curse.

How can I focus on my work when everything reminds me of you?

I told my daughter adults don’t have crushes, that they’re the pleasure and curse of teenage-hood.

I told her to enjoy that delicious longing — for a glance, a smile, a word, a touch. There’s something precious about the anticipation, the possibility of what might be. A joy in the fantasy, which is too often lost when the relationship moves into more serious territory and people learn their crush is human, just like everyone else.

I told her I hadn’t had a crush since high school. …

When she feels an attraction to the older man in the pub, she can’t help but stick around…

He’s a little older than my husband, has a few more grey hairs, some wrinkles around his eyes that deepen when he smiles.

But his eyes are kind, as is his smile, and when his fingers brush mine my heart sings.

It’s rare for me to feel this sort of connection so soon, and I linger, want to bask in his presence for as long as I can.

He must sense something, he offers to buy me a drink.

Of course I say yes.

We have another. He invites me back to his place, a thrill travelling my spine at…

Tahnee has always wanted more than just one boyfriend; fingers crossed these best friends won’t mind sharing.

Tahnee’s fingernails tapped on the tabletop as she waited for her dates to show up.

Bryce and Zeke. Bryce was fair haired and blue eyed, tall (5’8” according to his profile), and broad shouldered. Zeke had dark hair and brown eyes, was a smidgen shorter (at 5’6”, again, according to his profile) and slimmer, too.

That’s if the photos they’d used in their profile were accurate.

She glanced across the room to where her friends were dining. They thought she was insane, trying to date two men at once, but monogamy had never worked for her, and she’d really felt…

A chance encounter, twice in a row? How can she turn that down?

I knew it was only going to be a one night stand.

Julian was from another city, here for work, flying home the next day. I was from a smaller town nearby, staying at the hotel so I could make my own early morning flight for my own work conference.

We didn’t exchange contact details, not even surnames. There didn’t seem to be any point. I wasn’t interesting in a long distance relationship.

But Julian did things to me that no one had done in such a long time, if ever.

A buzz spread through my chest at his handshake…

Sorcha’s dry cleaner accidentally gave her the wrong pants, but when she meets their real owner she’s more than happy to let him in hers.


Sorcha glanced at the clock and frowned. Nine pm. She wasn’t expecting anyone, and why would someone come to her door this late at night.

Peering through the keyhole she was a smartly dressed man, his beard trimmed close to his jaw, a mop of curly dark hair on his head.


Intrigued, Sorcha opened the door. A cold breeze tickled her ankles, and she realised it was raining ever so slightly.

“Can I help you?”

His gaze roamed over her body, and when it finally returned to her face his was flushed.

“Sorry, I’m looking for…

Heather Kinnane

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